Tuesday, 15 April 2014


In a world divided by factions based on virtues, a young teenager named Tris is learning that she's a Divergent and won't fit in any factions. When she discovers a plot in order to destroy Divergents, Tris and Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it's too late.

Fans will be pleased as Divergent is actually working well on the big screen and people who didn't read the book are easily drag into this both dark and really realistic world as well. Neil Burger did some good direction choices; Artistic direction and special effects are great. The two and a half hour run time of the film was not unbearable, mostly thanks to Tris character and an interesting plot. On the one hand, Tris' character starring the neo-Jlaw: Shailene Woodlay is ambitious as we're able to see, due to how the movie is shot, her external ad internal experience as well. We got to see how she becomes so strong through the film. On the other hand, Four (Theo James) is a sort of mysterious military leader but everything change when he meets Tris and fall in love with her, his character opens up progressively. Plus, Jeanine played by our beloved Kate Winslet, believes that the rigidity of the factions maintains peace. She knows as thus everyone, that there is such a thing as the Divergents and that those people are messing with the purity of the factions. She wants to exterminate them. Divergent belongs to teen movies, such as Hunger Games (hard not to link both of them) and many more. Combats made Hunger Games looked fake and pointless. But it's not only a franchise piece or a teen novel full of action scenes. I feel like there's so much more than that. I mean a concept; We as human being, we all want to come from somewhere, count for something, be true to who we are, to follow a path we chose. For instance, Four back tattoos are symbolic of what he intends to be. Each one of us went through idealistic questions, and I am not afraid to say that is tough work. This film is dealing with very important values. 

Overall, it seems like every popular books nowadays, especially if it's a book serie targeting young adult, is being turn into a movie franchise but actually what's most surprising is that it's not that bad. Don't miss it!  

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Noah is chosen by his world's creator to undertake a huge mission, in order to rescue the innocent before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the world. It's not the end... but the very beginning. From an adaptation of a comic-book, written by D.Aronofsky and A. Hadil in 2011. 

Darren Aronofski directed a film in which he succeeded to integrate his own iconoclastic, independent and adventurous views, but Noah remains faithful to the Bible. The production scale is up to standard of the iconic legend. This story sticks to the moral of what human kind is about. There is a sort of dimness, as the story is far more darker than I thought it will be. It goes from the creation, through the original scene, through the first murder and then to Noah; i-e The creator goes from creating a world to destroying it. Finding a balance between mercy and justice. The editing process is very well made, D.Aronofski is an innovative and creative director. He makes this film available for believers as well as non-believers. Thanks to a whole surprising fantastical world, which brings something new and totally unexpected. Moreover, each characters exactly find their place in the story and carry the film. First of all, Russell Crowe is a fantastic drama actor. He challenged his character and brings him a truthfulness, he is undeniably and absolutely credible as Noah, he could have built and orchestrated the construction of the arch. When you see him, you believe in what he's doing. Jennifer Connelly is also really good. Noah is almost Shakespearean in this way, as it's dealing with very strong female character. Ila, starring Emma Watson, is in fact a very important character. She has to witnessed the events and she is sharing a love story with Shem (Douglas Booth) which is the light of the story. Plus she appears to be a sort of conscience in the film. Noah might have pissed off some pro-religious people but we get so easily in this world, narrating a specific version of the iconic Biblical character that we have to admit that it's way far more than just a Biblical story, it's questioning Humanity and people in general. 

Overall, everything in this movie is going to surprise you.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

47 Ronin

A band of Samurai and an Half-breed set out to revenge the death of their master after being banished of their land, enslaved and dishonoured by the hands of a ruthless Shogun and their master's murderer.  

The half-breed character (half Japanese and English) named Kai, starring Keanu Reeves, enters being used as a tracker and hunter. As a child he learnt martial techniques and nature connections, he can passes through space. And obviously Kai is in love with the princess. His journey lead him to save her from the clutches of Lord Kira. 47 Ronin is the "Americanised" version of a very well known legend in Japan dealing with very important themes such as Honor, correcting a wrong, sacrifice, the few off the many, truth and spirit. It's narrating a story mainly but it's also introducing some of the Japanese culture content to the world. This film is no way like one of my father old Samurai movie. It has great sets, what director is trying to achieve is in camera with great special effects and creatures creation mainly. There is a perfect amount of Fantasy details, never in the film characters are talking about  proper magic but demons and witchcraft directly coming from the Japanese mythology. Except those scene extensions it's an old style movie making process with classical sets, huge installation, lots of people, extras, beautiful costumes, a lot of lights, cameras and actions. 47 Ronin gets exactly the essence of Japanese countryside landscape, far away from the city, and it looks gorgeous! Keanu Reeves is certainly not the greatest actor alive however he's a really good physical actor and sell the action scenes very well. He is COOL! Plus, he doesn't appear like the typical "American guy" leading the movie and saving everyone, etc. He really is just a team member. This film has to work as a "team" movie obviously because if the characters had been taken individually, they could have been boring and not so important at least. There we can see the evolution of Kai's character friendship with OĆ®shi, they're trying to know each other, and respect is growing along the journey. Finally, the first 45 mins could have been saved and summed up in some sort of prologue, as the pace is very slow. Things begin really in the last 30 mins of the film and it looks very cool, but the viewer doesn't take the time to appreciate it for what it worth because the movie ends very quickly.     

Overall it's alright but you're not going to remember it.